Monday, March 03, 2008


2008 RCMC Management Committee

1. Marine Parade Radio Control Modelers Club (RCMC)
Chairman: Mr. S K TanEmail:
Secretary: Ms. Marion Cheng:
Treasurer: Ms. Marion Cehng:
Off Road Section IC: Mr. Pegan Teo:
EP Touring Section IC: Mr. Joe Hwee:
On Road GP Section IC: Mr, BK Lim:

2. Singapore Invitational 1/8 Off-Road Challenge 2008 on 17th and 19th May 2009
Off-Road Section IC: Mr. Pegan Teo

3. Singapore Invitational EP Touring Challenge 2008 on 22 June 2008
EP Section IC:Mr. Joe Hwee

4. Singapore Invitational On-Road GP Challenge 2008 on 6 July 2008
GP On-Road Section IC: Mr. B K Lim

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

~ 2007 Chairman

Mr. Peng Heng, LIM. took over the Chairmanship from Mr. ONG when he decided to step down in 2003. By the end of 2007 a new team was ready to chart the next lap of the Marine Parade RCMC. In this past period, the RCMC, together with lots of support from the local RC industry position the annual "Singapore Invitational Challenge" event as an important part of the regional racing calendar.

The third Chairman

The third Chairman was Mr. Hie Kie, Ong. By the mid 1990s, upon the passing of Robert, the Community Club had originally planned to close the club for good. A proposal was drafted and sent off to the Community Club's Advisor for final approval. The advisor noted the past activities of the club and suggests that its meaningful activities be revived. A search was launched amongst all possible networks of contacts. Finally a group of some 7 to 8 enthusiasts were found and Mr. Ong was elected as the Chairman.

The second Chairman

The second Chairman was Mr. Pak Chow, KOK, he took over the Chairmanship from Robert when the later became bedridden after his second kidney transplant attempt fail to yield favorable results.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The first Chairman of the club.

The first Chairman of the Singapore Marine Parade Radio Control Modellers Club is none other than the late Mr. Robert CHAN. He and a group of early RC car enthusiasts was the pinnacle of collaboration that brought about the birth of the club in the mid 1980s. As I was only a beginner then, I was not associated with the club, so I was not familiar with the management committee at that time.